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If you’re like me, you are searching for top level surgeons to take care of your dental needs. This list of DMD’s can help with:


I need my wisdom teeth extracted but I’m afraid of the process and recovery

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So was I! I even had a horrible experience that made me never want to see another doctor.

Fortunately, my wife

talked me into seeing a new surgeon to have the rest of my wisdom teeth removed. That exper

ience was amazing! The healing time was less then a week and I was back to eating normal food just a couple days after the extractions thanks to my local California oral surgeon!

“Am I going to be awake while they remove my teeth?”

wisdom tooth extractedThat is completely your choice. I personally didn’t want that so I opted for anesthesiology. As a result I don’t remember anything from my second encounter. My first surgeon didn’t put me under and never even told me that was an option. When consulting with the new DDS, he said that I should have never gone through that horrible experience. He was right and you don’t have to either!

I don’t want anyone to have a bad experience like I did and that’s why I built this site! This site will continue to add the Best Oral Surgeons in California! I hope this can help at least one family in each city!


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