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Maxillofacial Surgery

When searching for an oral surgeon, years of experience and hands on training is a must!

  • Dental Implants

Do you have severely damaged teeth? Or are you missing some teeth? If you can say “YES” to either of these questions then you need dental implants! You will be happy to know that your local Lemon Grove oral surgeon can help!

“How can they help?”

“What will my oral surgeon do to replace my missing teeth?”


Under your gums there is bone that once held you tooth. A small rod will be placed inside that bone to act as an anchor for your new tooth, whether its a crown or a prosthetic tooth. This can be done for multiple teeth!

The third and final morals are known as Wisdom teeth. These commonly erupt during your late teenage years. Most adults have had at least one wisdom tooth removed. Impaction is the leading cause of this procedure do the pain and infections it causes. Another reason to have your third molar extracted is decay. Some are surprised that it can be a better decision to removed to cavity filled tooth then to have it filled.

“I need a tooth removed but I can’t miss a lot of work.”

“How long does the recovery process take?”

Removing the wisdom tooth is a quick outpatient surgery. A good doctor, and his/her team, will have you within an hour to 2 hours depending on your roots. Healing takes a few days but you can return to work 24 hours after surgery. Make sure to fallow your after care instructions! Your surgeon will typically give you a print out that states you should not use a straw, eat soft foods, and a few other precautions for the first 3-5 five days after your procedure.

  • Jaw Surgery

“How can I tell if I need jaw surgery?”

If you have a protruding jaw, poor bite, difficulties breathing or speaking, troubles while eating, misaligned bite, or even headaches caused by jaw pain. Any and all these issues can be solved with getting your jaw re-aligned. Though this is a complicated surgery and will involve several visits, its can help make your jaw function properly and has cosmetic perks. When you visit your local OMS, you will consult with a doctor to discuss what will be needed for your particular problem.


There are many services your Lemon Grove oral and maxillofacial surgeon can do. Then main point is to find a DDS that has the years of experience and care to make sure your needs are addressed. So don’t go to any clinic, go to the best!

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