Superhuman Teeth

The Root Canal May Be Nearing it’s End!

Superhuman Teeth is the future

Root canals are often dreaded by patients as most would rather be at the beach tanning. Why are we not able to regenerate body parts like a superhero? Most of as dream of having superhuman powers as a kid and soon that dream might be a reality! superhuman teethAlthough not available yet, scientists at Harvard University and at University of Nottingham are working on a regenerative dental filling.

You know that fun stuff called dentin? It’s what your teeth are mainly composed of. Well this nifty new filling will work by stimulating stem cells to promote dentin growth. That means no more drill baby drill! No one likes what

sounds like your teeth screaming for their lives.

But it doesn’t stop there guys!

Root Canal Cavities

Did you know that the filling material used nowadays is actually toxic to your cells?

Did you know that same filling material is not friendly to the pulp tissue that is located inside of your teeth?

“Wait a second, what is this pulp stuff?”

Pulp tissue is the soft inner part of your tooth. It’s what contains those really fun sensitive nerves and tiny blood

vessels. So unless you love pain, pulp disease is not your friend!

And what happens when you have infected tissue from pulp disease?


Well this new regenerative filling will be able to make direct contact with your pulp tissue without causing damage. So lets keep our fingers crossed and our eyes open for any new updates regarding superhuman teeth fillings!


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